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Adrian Photography

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It is my core belief that pictures capture a thousand words. A sincere smile, a warm hug and those trulely memorable moments that everyone will treasure and cherish for a life time.

As a wedding photographer I am looking for couples with a young soul, who wish emotive, dynamic, natural photos, without having to pose everytime.

Destination Weddings

I love travelling so my passport is always ready for taking a fly and covering a destination wedding. So, if you are planning one, I would like to hearing from you.

I love Italy, I did a lot of weddings in Spain and of course, I will love to cover your wedding in London, Scotland, Ireland, Europe or even in America.

If you are that kind of couple, do not hesitate to contact me.

Only the Best

Natural, Creative & Emotive Wedding Photographs

those are the pillars that sustain my way of understanding photography

In my opinion the goal of a wedding photographer is to capture natural poses, spontaneity in those precious moments and build rapport.

It is my core belief that pictures capture a thousand words. A sincere smile, a warm hug and those trulely memorable moments that everyone will treasure and cherish for a life time.


Vanessa & Carlos

Basque Country

He has an excellent way of working, because he dedicates fully to his role without any distraction whatsoever. I just saw the main album and now I can appreciate the magnitude of his work. I just love the photos. With little time he has been able to capture beautiful expressions(…), you have given me some precious memories with the engagement and wedding sessions. Thank you!

Erika & Edgar

Basque Country

A great professional, with a good taste in photography and very dedicated to his job. He is very polite and his commitment is very hard to find nowadays. We would chose you many times for portraying the most important moment of our lives. You are 100% reliable. Thank you!

Consuelo & Krzysztof

Wroclaw, Poland

Gabriel is very passionate about his work, his readiness and patience makes us all feel at ease during the photographic sessions. Besides, his work is impeccable. We were fortunate to have him as our wedding photographer.

Sheila & Eduardo

Colindres, Spain

A great professional with a great attitude and more than anything, a great person! He gets involved in every detail and every moment. I would no doubt recommend him to anyone (…)

Carmen & David

Santoña, Spain

(…) there are no words to describe all the moments these photos make me relieve. David and I are so thankful for your dedication and professionalism (…)

Amalia & Pablo

Torrelavega, Spain

We loved Gabriel at first sight: essentially a good person, eager to dedicate and do a good job. He is a great professional with a big heart, a perfectionist and also a very kind person. He adapts well to every situation. He is very patient and will not hesitate to take as many shots are required to achieve the goal. A big thank you from our hearts! To us, you are worth 1000 stars!

Paula & Pedro

Castro Urdiales, Spain

(..) You knew how to capture those especial, fresh and natural moments with your camera, just like we wanted! (…)


 Wedding Photography Price


What do I offer for your Wedding Day?

♦ Engagement session (with you both only or with your children if you have ones)

♦ Full wedding photo coverage: Getting ready, Ceremony, Cocktail, Party

♦ 500+ edited photographs in USB (everyone in color and black & white)

♦ Great quality without watermark

♦ Private online gallery


+ £1500

♦ Professional main album (Size: 35×35, 60 pages) and elegant box

♦ Two seconds albums (Size: 25×25, 60 pages) and elegant box for yours parents


+ £875

♦  Post wedding session


+ £500

Important:  VAT included.

Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


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Documentary Wedding Photographer

About my Work

The documentary Wedding Photography is a different way of doing wedding photographs. I look for spontaneity in the scenes. I have to be on the wait for special moments with deep and strong emotions: happiness, surprise, sorrow as well as a lot of body expressions.

An aspect I consider really important, and which I always explain to the couples is: you should never be looking directly at the camera.

Why? Well, to be honest, I did not invent that rule. Actually, I took it from a movie director, and at the same time, they took it the idea from Denis Diderot: he called it “the fourth wall”.

The fourth wall theory says that the actor should never cross the imaginary wall that separates the movies world from reality. To be more precise, the actor should never be looking directly at the movie camera because he will brake the magic on the scenes and the audience will notice the presence of the cameraman.

So, as a wedding photographer, I have to be unnoticed during your wedding day because that creates the feeling of omnipotence (presence who sees everything but no one really notices).

And this photo has all the requirements for that. This wonderful moment happened on Sheila & Eduardo´s wedding, and the picture represent the surprise, the amusement of that moment.

I remember it was a typical hot summer day in Cantabria, Spain. Sheila was getting ready and her mom was helping her. Half an hour later, she was ready and it was on that moment when I heard the hall door opening and someone coming. As a wedding photographer, I have to pay attention to everything: the light, the position of the elements in the scene, the composition, the people walking around; and at the same time, I have to control the settings on my camera and the flash.

So, as I was saying before, I heard the hall door opening and some footsteps. Suddenly, the father’s bride and her little nephew appeared beside the living room door, and the magical moment just happened. The expression on their faces was not prepared. I just saw the picture and I knew that was a great one: such a beautiful capture!

I hope you like it!

From which price can I hire your services?

My lowest price is £1500 and the highest £2875.

What I offer for your wedding day?

I offer to you a photography service:

  • engagement session
  • full coverage of your wedding day (getting ready, ceremony, cocktail, party)
  • no limit time
  • 500 + edited photographs in USB (every one in color and black & white)
  • Great quality without watermark
  • postwedding session
  • professional albums
  • private gallery in my website
How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept?

You can paid 50% of the price when you have your confirmation date and the other 50% the days before I send you the photos. The payment method is only for bank transfer to my account.

Important: If you don`t pay on the first week of the date confirmation, the day are not be reserved and it will be available again.

What's the delivery time for photographic report?

Normally, it takes a month to finish the editing job, but it could be delayed a little more if something unexpected happens. Therefore, I have a deadline that is before the first three months of the wedding.

Do you have more than one wedding on the same day?

No. I work exclusively on a full-time basis. You will have me at your disposal throughout the day of the celebration. I only make a few weddings per month to work more easily and speed up delivery processes.

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